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Neon King Kong

Mix Up the Mix

Gold Standard Laboratories

This little seven-inch is a monstrous spazz of rock that sounds like Monorchid, crossed with Swing Kids, bred with The Make Up, with the late Sean from Ink & Dagger singing. The songs fly by super quick and explode in one’s face.

The A-side features “Mix Up the Mix,” which is more controlled than the B-side. This stuff teeters on the edge of garage rock and art punk, kind of like Nation Of Ulysses did with their songs. Pretty awesome track!

The B-side is “Jerks Are Creeping,” a song so fast that I had to listen to it three times to even begin to form an opinion. The lead singer REALLY sounds like Sean from Ink & Dagger, the instrumentation is sloppy and furious, and the attitude is 100% snooty (or snotty, whatever you prefer…)! This is purely Southern California spazz punk! Really cool yellow vinyl, too! 7 out of 10.

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