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Remain Calm.

One year ago, about this time, more or less, I was walking up the street. I was walking up the street because I had been evacuated from my place of work after some asshole motherfuckers hijacked a couple of airplanes and flew them into #1 and #2 World Trade Center.

Unfathomably stupid French idiots/assholes, this was not a UFO sighting. I didn’t see the planes hit, but I was close enough to hear them hit. Had I been at my old desk I would’ve seen them hit as well. More then 100 people I have known for more than five years saw, with their own eyes, the planes hit. I was evacuated because I work five blocks from what has since become known as “Ground Zero.”

I was walking up the street because I live thirty blocks from what has since become known as “Ground Zero.”

Those fuckers killed Johnny Heff, a great punk rock guitarist and fireman. Let us not forget that. They targeted and killed a rock and roll musician.

I am not one iota less mad than I was a year ago.

I am not mad at my own country (for what?), my government (for what?), nor myself (for what?). I am mad at anyone outside of our borders and a choice few of my fellow “citizens” who would have it that I be mad at my country, mad at my government and mad at myself.

I am mad at anyone who hates America. And anyone who is stupid enough to hate America must die by my hand! I will kill you quickly yet painfully, quietly yet with an audience, I will put your heads on poles, I will use your living guts to grease the treads of my tanks!

If you don’t feel like doing that to anyone and everyone who hates America and if you are a self-loathing American, you should pack your fifth-columnist shit and leave. Go some place where you will be appreciated. Perhaps Zimbabwe. I hear the insects are a bitch, though.

But this essay isn’t about releasing my anger on those who deserve it, it’s about calming down the subversive sheep that haven’t been completely silenced or at least kicked enough in the ass, knocking some self-respect into their spineless jelly-like half-corpses.

I’ve been a pretty darn good swimmer for many years (was even on the college swim team) and for the better part of my twenties made a good summer living as a lifeguard. I am a certified advanced first aid, CPR and water safety instructor. I have extensive experience training for and actually being in tense situations. Why, my life is so intense, I should be a Repo Man.

I’m not known to panic. Ok, I panic when I’m going to be late for something, like miss a plane or when something is going to cost me a huge amount of unplanned-for money or whenever frivolous shit that I’m not completely in control of gets thrown at me. I do not fear physical death.

I do fear injury, however; pain, too. I find it odd that an awful lot of my fellow New Yorkers, people conditioned from birth to play in traffic are perceived as being in dire need of state-sponsored “counseling” concerning “fear” issues. That’s got to be a plot on the part of the psychologist’s union…

I am a calm person in the face of extreme danger, imminent or distant.


It’s the IGNORANCE of uneducated, but (maybe, maybe not) well-meaning punk rockers that bugs me the most. You don’t read the papers, you don’t know what you’re talking about and you sure aren’t on the right side, man. By this I will cite a recent flyer for a punk rock benefit that twisted the whole 9-11 thing into an anti-fascist/racist protest against the Bush Administration. Unbelievable idiocy, I guess punk rockers really are stupid and it’s not all shtick.

This is not about “fascism” – unless you’re talking about countries that behead women for driving an automobile; it’s not about “racism” – unless you are talking about people who – in the year 2002 – regularly blame “the Jews” – in their mainstream media – for the world’s problems. This is not about “greed” either, unless you’re talking about…[1] Well, how does greed work into this, anyway? The assholes who murdered Johnny Heff, et al. were <a href=”>rich Arab kids</a>; I mean, had they wanted to do something for their fellow man, they could’ve purchased, oh, an eye hospital for half-blind Yemenites. No, these people were LUNATIC DEATH-JUNKIES WITH A FALSE TICKET TO PARADISE! Any American taking their side does not deserve the freedom brave men (and women, too!) are dying to preserve. There is NOTHING positive to say about the Atta Gang and their backers, not one thing. They died and murdered not as a (false) symbolic gesture, but for shits and giggles, nothing more.

The world has benefited from their actions, though. Since the attacks a year ago, the Taliban has been pretty much wiped out, the anti-American Idiotarians are put through the ringer by the armies of bloggers who’ve had had enough, and by gosh a lot of stupid foreign people have had their trumps called. The media has met its match in the Blogosphere! [2]


This is truth, you false-thinking leftists, clinging to a strange pro-commie ideal are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG about the world and how the USA works in it. The USA is the BEACON of Freedom and Civilization, not the enemy of it – objective history proves this upon inspection! The enemies of freedom are, in this order, so-called “radical” Islam, Nazi Germany, and the anti-American Idiotarian Left. I am not including the American “liberals” in the equation (though combined with pro-“small government” republico-libertarians, they have done incredible damage to, for example, the public school systems of this country). Liberals in this country (they aren’t all democrats…) have been and are patriotic and there’s lots to be said for the various “liberal” causes like legalizing bestiality – ok, maybe not that… but how about good government programs (state and local) related to education and housing and countless others that “conservatives” aren’t supposed to support? Liberals and conservatives LIKE living in the USA and LIKE being US citizens. The anti-American’s do not like living in America, though once the New World Order’s shock troops start marching down the streets they will be quick to remind the captains of their sympathies in hopes of being spared (hah! you’re too dangerous…). I imagine Mary McGrory rushing into the provisionary governor’s office announcing who she is – only to hastily be ushered out back where she’d be shot. Good grief, don’t they know when to keep their mouths shut?


The media has been distracted against the war on terrorism by three things: 1) a global shift against Israel and 2) the US Economy and 3) the (false) assault on US citizens’ rights. I was actually alarmed by the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel shift. Granted, it’s nothing new, but the way it overtook U.S. Efforts in Afghanistan in front-page worthiness was amazing. What was also amazing was the incredible support the Palestinian cause has from people who one would think know better.

Fuck Palestine, ok? Anyone on their side is either an idiot or demon-possessed. Anyone rationalizing shooting a defenseless pregnant woman repeatedly should be approached with a lot of suspicion. That is: anyone who is for the Palestinians is for terrorism. Sorry, you can’t talk your way out of it, you have been exposed. I’m not saying, come on, that the Palestinians don’t have legitimate issues – issues that can and are being worked out decently. What I am recognizing as the truth is that the Palestinians are being used by Satan as a staging medium for his war against Israel. In order for Satan to succeed, the U.S. has to be taken out, and what better way than by shifting the media focus from the successful U.S. removal of the Taliban and other crud to the “awfulness” of the Israeli “occupation” of Palestine (give me a break). You tell me how a total victory of the U.S. – that ought to be celebrated as “V-T day” – link to end of the Taliban – has been turned around, in our own newspapers even, and excoriated as an act of greed, racism or whatever. The end of the Taliban should have been a time for the world to rejoice, yet instead radical, insane Palestinians – a tiny group of a tiny group of a tiny group, captured the world’s heart as they strapped dynamite sticks to the children who then marched into the public square to kill other children. Look, anyone who rationalizes this behavior as, for example, “…it’s all they can do…” needs to have their head examined and be kicked in the ass, not necessarily in that order. Does a deranged murder junkie deserve ANY quarter? What’s up with that, eh? What about the thousands of decent people who behave and follow the rules of a civil society? Israel is the only democratic government in the Middle East; they are the only government in that part of the world that allows public dissent within their ranks. The Palestinians who spend their days and nights making bombs should be hunted down and killed, as was the Baader-Meinhof gang, etc. People, walking into a restaurant and blowing up kiddie parties is not supposed to garner support for ANY cause (did Operation Rescue endear itself to the world blowing up abortion clinics?) – yet it has and there is no other explanation for that other than demonic involvement. There is no argument against me on this one: you are with me or you are stupid.

The next dead horse to beat is the U.S. economy. I keep promising an essay on economics and it’ll come once I edit it down from the 200,000 words I have (there’s a lot of ground to cover on that one!). Well, the U.S. Economy SHOULD be on the front pages and by gosh I think and am glad all these damned CEO’s and their partners in crime are being exposed. But they’re being exposed for stuff they did during the Clinton years… Hey! You know what? I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that the fact that, for example, Enron pulled the shit they did while Bill Clinton was in office is irrelevant. Um, Long Term Capital Management? Who? Hunh? Wow! Criminals don’t give a rat’s ass who is in the white House or what the law is, they’re criminals, their job is to work against the law. And might I remind you that Halliburton was making money off what was done in the Balkans all through the 1990’s… Whoops, transfer of funds to Dick Chaney courtesy Bill Clinton, wow… But, that’s for another day…

But you know what, things ain’t that bad, economically, because everyone (except me, how strange) made so much money off the stock market a couple of years ago that being unemployed amounts to a much-needed, easily-affordable vacation. Right? Of course not! But media-wise the “bad” economy serves the Devil another purpose by, perhaps, causing a lot of U.S. Money to be spent on war rather than, say, NEA grants, so it’s good for a diversion. …Not to mention the plight of professional baseball players. But I digress.

Finally, the assault on U.S. Citizens’ rights. As we’re all aware, dissent in post-11 Sept 2001 (isn’t it annoying that I write dates like that?) America is illegal. Noam Chomsky, Susan Sontag [4], Katha Pollit, the entire editorial board of the Village Voice, the Nation, Z magazine, the New York Times and Ink Nineteen (all writers and publications I read prior to the worldwide ban) were rounded up and put away in secret concentration camps. U.C. Berkeley has been walled-off. Additionally, listening devices have been installed by the F.B.I. in all dwellings, public or private (link to eyesight TV). Rock and roll, particularly punk rock has been silenced and the back catalog of the Dead Kennedys, Billy Bragg, Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy disappeared off the shelves and mysteriously vanished from internet sellers’ catalogs in the twinkling of an eye. Independent media ceased to exist as anyone publishing anything in any form is now required to posses a Federal license to print. The Democratic party is illegal; any voters registered with any party other than the Republican party who haven’t yet been interned cower in fear and aren’t seen, except late at night. In order to buy and sell, the remaining legal U.S. citizenry will soon be required to affix a permanent mark to their foreheads and/or hands signifying loyalty to the government.

Oops, sorry that’s in a Star Trek episode about adopting Nazism as a basis for “efficient” government, isn’t it?

Quite the opposite has happened. Freedom of speech has never been stronger than it is now, and thank God we have a man like John Ashcroft as Attorney General who respects the Second Amendment as it rightly should be respected. Hold on! Ashcroft has been regularly forthcoming in what he’s been doing, despite the diversionary tactics of the Idiotarian media trying to show the opposite. No media outlets have been stifled in the least by the government. No one’s freedom has been threatened except those folks who are good suspects. Am I wrong?

How so? Again, NO MEDIA OUTLET HAS BEEN SILENCED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. In fact, our lives have been made more miserable through the wisdom of the Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, a left-over Clinton Administration staffer with an axe to grind against round-eye. See, Norm is of Japanese dissent whose parents and himself were interned during World War 2. Hey! Did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the rounding up and internment of Japanese Americans? Wow! A liberal Democrat did something like that? Far out! Hey, what about the V-Chip and digital encryption legislation? Hunh? Sponsored by Clinton-era liberal Democrats? No way! Wow!

Anyway, we have this man’s personal vendetta against everyone – even though the U.S. Government, years later apologized and renumarated those interned, during Ronald Reagan’s term (Wow! A conservative republican signed into law reparating the Jap interns! Wow!), it’s not enough. Round-eye must suffer. So thank Bill Clinton’s appointee (who, for whatever reason was asked to stick around – hey, who better to run transportation than the dude who was doing it for eight years previously?) the next time you or your wheelchair-bound, ninety-five year-old great-grandfather has his colostomy bag searched for explosives when trying to board a plane.

Hey, I honestly believe, in my heart of hearts, that dissent is important. Man, I want the ACLU to throw stumbling blocks at government every chance they get (Oddly, where were they for Waco? For Elian Gonzalez? For Eminem?). That doesn’t mean I agree with them, it means I know and understand that the US government is run by human beings and humans, no matter how smart an individual may be, no matter what their intentions are, they are flawed and will make mistakes. The U.S. Constitution is set up primarily because “men aren’t angels” and unless there are lots of private, independent organizations out there (which, by the way, the existence of which is explicitly covered in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights) constantly watching what the government is doing – no matter who is in office or whichever party controls Congress, etc., etc. – and reporting what’s going on. I think there’s a threat to the freedom I enjoy. For the record, I am a Life Member of the NRA – a SOLID civil rights organization. If the NRA is properly understood as a civil rights organization, a lot of what they do makes sense – especially now, when (false) threats against individual citizen’s rights are touted in the press, I mean, how the hell will you protect yourself when “they” come for you? Oh, and as a tangent, if you think a tiny bunch of individuals with guns can’t defend themselves against an army, Waco lasted how long? Ruby Ridge how long? Viet Nam lasted how long? Thank you. Look, if you are against individual ownership of firearms you are against individual liberty, get used to it or over it.

This is why I can’t believe what Hunter S. Thomson said in an Australian newspaper. How can the US be the enemy of freedom? It’s not possible, we largely invented modern freedom. Thanks to his being a citizen of the US, Dr. Thomson has owned innumerable (large and dangerous) guns, taken a lot of (dangerous, mind-altering) drugs and written about both. He’s gotten close to US presidents, taken chances and even run for public office. Heck, he’s legally made money off being an outlaw. Turns out he’s not just a harmless “gonzo” journalist, but a menace to American society.

Now, back to the point (sort of): dissenters wrongly fear their fellow citizens. And Operation TIPS? If it’s really what it is, will be supported by “the masses”, well, en masse. Why? Because for years and years the Idiotarians have brainwashed “the masses” with their media, with their movies and with their stupid ideas that America is an “evil” country, that America is a hotbed of racism, fascism, intolerance and other jism. Now the unwashed masses have made an about-face, I propose, because this hit too close to home. In fact, it hit them in their homes, as opposed to a million miles away, like somewhere in Rwanda.

But the domestic lunatic fringe frequently puts its collective foot in its collective mouth. Now the other foot is in the other mouth. The domestic lunatic fringe attacked the Federal government, usually unsuccessfully and always to its downfall. (McVeigh was caught, tried, and executed, the so-called militia movement investigated (still is, I imagine) and the right wing fringe made thoroughly suspicious. A good thing.) It’s damned hard to defend the domestic lunatic fringe and keep any public legitimacy, and “conservatives” do not identify themselves with it, either (read National Review sometime, maybe you’ll learn something, you smug, smarmy, idiot, fool, jerk-off, stoo-nad, Communist morons). But, for years and years, the “left” has identified itself with anti-American causes they’d have one believe are “pro-democracy”(oh yes it has) and the “masses” of US citizens “finally” opened their eyes on 11 Sept 2001.


Frankly, had any visible pre-emptive action been taken it would’ve been seen as alarmist, racist, fascist, ludicrous and other worthy adjectives by the usual suspects. However, it would be simple to shake off any consequent media noise and we would still have the Twin Towers. And that’s how I think those in power think; ever talk to someone with success as a Project Manger? And that’s why, deep down, I am convinced that no one in the Administration – current or previous – knew of the attacks before they happened.

Of course, and here’s a bit of wisdom: both sides of the spectrum (mostly the libertarian, technocratic right) have, in recent days, lamented that the Government doesn’t have people who “think out of the box” and hence we need more creative thinkers in these positions. Did you know that many famous spy novelists and other writers were government employees? Herman Melville, Isaac Asimov, John Le Carre, Mario Puzo, E. Howard Hunt, man, the list is endless. As far as I’m concerned, the government is loaded with creative thinkers – hey, what kind of person comes up those forms, anyway? Thinking out of the box (whatever “thinking out of the box” is) wouldn’t have prevented anything. The media people, and some genuinely smart people who think thus simply do not know what they’re talking about. Did they read Gayle Rivers’ book [5] when it came out? And how come out-of-the-box thinkers of days past aren’t remembered as being kind of dangerous (anyone ever heard of G. Gordon Liddy?)? That’s it! The governance of loose cannons shall guide us! On one note, though, I will grant that timid, visionless managers can be a problem – and that’s what was identified in the FBI hearings a few months ago. But I got news for you: just because you’ve got the pointy-haired boss above you, you still have to do your job and if you’re smart enough to be an FBI agent, you ought to be smart enough to make him look good even though you’re going over his head. Think about it…


I’ve determined that it is not possible to be anti-terrorist and be partisan; in the United States, the Greatest County in History, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Whigs, Federalists, and others (excluding the Know-Nothings of course) who have benefited directly by whatever has placed them here can and have fought wars that preserved, protected and prolonged this nation.

The anti-Americans don’t represent any political party other than a sort of benign (at first…) tyranny. They are not Democrats; Bill Clinton loves the United States. Would a hillbilly like him ever get the opportunities he got elsewhere in the world? Doubtful. Hillary! loves the same America as Rush Limbaugh. Lynn Samuels loves America. (Note: Cynthia McKinny does not.)

And there is no way any of these folks want America to cease being the greatest country in the world. Oh, sure, I’ve spewed about Bill Clinton wanting to hand over the sovereignty of the USA to some sort of weird world government and all (I didn’t like the Clinton Administration in general; I read their book Putting People First, that was enough to put me solidly against them), but ultimately it didn’t happen and even though there was some weird stuff going on, I was pretty much echoing an exaggerated, wild, DLBeowulfian quirky paranoia (why? ‘coz that’s how I like to write, dude!).

But the bottom line is that Bill Clinton did not like what was done on 11 September 2001 and no matter what anyone (on the right or left) says, had he been acutely aware of the threat, he would have done the right thing – i.e. violently remove the government of Afghanistan and proceed to flush out al Queada. The ignorant rightist will disagree with me, I am sure, but you’re idiots for not recognizing successful muscle flexing of the US military all through the 1990’s. The last president had NO PROBLEM bombing the living shit out of Yugoslavia – not necessarily a hotbed of terrorism and a county full of people who do not fit the unofficial profile of the 11 September 2001 terrorists. Remember? REMEMBER??? And Wild Bill Cohen is pretty damned smart, just as smart as Don Rumsfeld – oh yes he is.

Anyway, that’s only half a Clinton-bash; in my heart-of-hearts I believe he would’ve done all within his power to stop the attacks had he known. As would W. As would anyone with the ability to do so.

[Straw man]Thusly, to my point: the kind of anti-American American we have in our midst can best be described as the kind of person who feels sorry for a man who robs old ladies.

Yep, isn’t it terrible that a man is “reduced” to mugging old women in order to survive. Note: if we’re talking about a man who kills and eats old ladies to survive, it’s different (how? think about it, you idiot). This kind of unAmerican would rather his neighbor’s children be raped and killed in front of their bleeding, dying mother than a criminal be incarcerated by “the system.” And better yet, the more damage done to the system, the better. Off the pigs! Attica! Attica! Hail Tania![/straw man]


The citizens are on edge and with the attacks of the 11th mobilized by fear. They came mighty close to death and didn’t like the taste. Because of that they want to be searched. They want their neighbors to know they’re citizens, they fly the flag because they want to. Some of my sheepish co-workers are glad that everyone’s searched – finally! – I mean, some of our fellow workers are “crazy” – eh? They are grateful for 9-11 since they can rest assured that “nut” in the cubicle next door can’t bring a gun into work. Hmmm, how come he didn’t do that for the last twenty years? Gosh!

Here is where “clearer heads” are not prevailing. Don’t worry about the generals, the elected officials, the police (well, maybe the police). No, worry about your neighbor who’s been so jaded by anti-American crap in the news that now they’ve flipped 180 degrees and want to inform on everyone. Guess what, it’s your own damn fault if you happen to raise the suspicion of that guy down the street because you talk about burning flags. Ha ha! Have a good time getting the cops to protect your commie, pinko, idiot ass!


It doesn’t pay to sympathize with a cause that took the lives of numerous private citizens. It just doesn’t. I know it’s difficult to understand that, but you’re a bunch of idiots! Get smarter and maybe you’ll be successful. You can still fight for any number of causes worth fighting for – and you may very well be on the right side – but if you’re not 100% with America vs. global terrorists you are dead wrong. USA FOR USA! LET’S ROLL!


General note on Blogs: I can live with the fact that I can’t be a minute-by-minute blogger. Though it nags at me that I’m not at the blog, cranking out a sentence or two with a web link then tossing them out to the world for solid Jeffersonian dialogue – but there’s just so much other stuff to do! Gee whiz, I keep trying to write a couple of books, to visit the zoo, to see a museum, to see bands, to get my work done. It’s too much to expect of myself. Hence, I am grateful to the bloggers out there. I read the following once a day, after work, of course:

Glenn Reynold’s Instapundit Glen Reynolds is a technocrat and law professor.

Eugene Volkh’s The Volkh Conspiracy Volkh is a law professor who earned a math/computer science degree from UCLA when he was fifteen. At the time of this writing, he’s closer to thirty than forty.

Tim Blair blog Tim Blair is an Australian who sees the world right side-up, as opposed to most of his fellow Aussie pinkos.

Jeff Jarvis’s Warblog Jeff Jarvis used to write for TV Guide.

James Lileks’ Bleat Mr. Lileks is a journalist who, judging from his writing, can’t stand dishonesty anywhere, any time.

Andrew Sullivan’s page Gay fag homosexual snob limey. Why do I read his stuff then? Well, because it’s honest, good stuff that’s why. Plus he got Camille Paglia back on the web.

Little Green Footballs An honest, awesome blog with a punk rock attitude.

You should be reading these, and all the others, too. All of these, and many, many more (some of which are linked to in the essay above) provide excellent, serious, sometimes scathing critique of media stories and what’s going on in the world around us, how it’s reported and most of all they’re dedicated to real truth. Sure they might seem to be on the “right” of the issues, but a) you on the left have a lot of explaining to do, b) you on the left don’t have all the answers, no matter how smug, shrill or loud you may be, and c) you on the media-elite left deserve an ass-kicking from the non-Ivy League public you so loathe.

[1] (Even though I have a “Die For Oil” screed in the works, I am aware of how the US goes about securing oil. One thing I can’t get is why people we give so much money to hate us for it? And what the heck is wrong with paying for oil and making Arabs rich? What is wrong with positioning ourselves to benefit from regional conflicts? Dude, without oil there would be no heavy metal music – what do you think forms the basis of CDs, tapes and records? Hemp? Likewise, what about those awesome rock shows requiring mega generators for all the lights, amps and such? Those run on oil. Do you like to travel? Well, gosh, thankfully there’s oil. Do you have a car? ‘Nuff said. For the record, David Lee Beowulf is pro-oil use, he does not, however, own a car, travels often – unless it’s for business and preferably by public transportation. What I don’t like is a rich-kid SUV-driving “environmentalist” – usually a poly sci major shilling for Greenpeace telling me how to live. How can you stand to be yourselves?

[2] NB: though I’m a “conservative” I regard the rightist media with more suspicion than the left; the reason is that the rightist media organs generate conspiracy stories, e.g., West Nile Fever = some sort of chemical warfare – it is not; the leftist media elements, especially the New York Times and CNN seem to have ready access to the government). Of late, and a while ago… shit that happened during the Clinton Administration’s term has been accredited to the Bush Administration. It’s been reported by Volkh and others. Is it sloppy reporting/fact-checking or an organized effort? My opinion is that it’s sloppy reporting, most likely by uninformed journalism majors doing internships for the various news outlets. This is important, however, because it’s not limited to the left. Case in point: Ruby Ridge happened during GHWB’s term and not Clinton’s.

[3] Sure, Christianity preaches against rock and roll, and even burns records; why Al Gore’s wife even got the government involved in a war she won against Frank Zappa – but Christianity isn’t against music, quite the contrary, and besides when did a busload of tongues-peaking Pentecostals deliberately smash into a kindergarten. And might I remind you that the U.S. government, recently, crushed Operation Rescue – think about that, it speaks volumes in any number of directions.

[4] Note well: Susan Sontag will turn around. Her essay in the 10 Sept 2002 NY Times is telling…

[5] His 1987 book “The War Against the Terrorists and How To Win It” contains a compelling argument against arming pilots.</a>

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