Somebody Sign Those Kids

Somebody Sign Those Kids


Life Imitates [cough] Art

Life Imitates [cough] Art

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (Reuters) – A gun-toting musician forced a southern Brazilian radio station to play his debut album for more than an hour after apparently having no luck opening the doors of show business, the man’s father said.

HisCheapMoves: Just like Fraser, Buscemi and Sandler in Airheads!

kittydeathstar: I was about to say — life imitates crappy art!

HisCheapMoves: That movie was worth it to see those three cast together, plus Michael McKean as the sleazy station manager. Somebody got fired over that for forgetting to include Crispin Glover.

kittydeathstar: Man, Sepultura didn’t have to hold a recording studio hostage to break the big time – they just had to invoke demons and the apocalypse — the old-fashioned way!

HisCheapMoves: People just don’t want to put time into occult studies anymore.

The Brazilian Fashion Police don't kid around.

The Brazilian Fashion Police don’t kid around.

kittydeathstar: The guy who staged the guerilla action was named “Cram” and rips off some of Alice Cooper’s stage look….. make your own joke there….. Of all the shite rock-based movies to come to life —

HisCheapMoves: Here’s the kicker: "Nobody was injured in the incident and Paz later informed listeners where they could buy the band’s album." Obviously not a Clear Channel station.

kittydeathstar: If it were a Clear Channel Station – the whole local operation would have been based in Paraguay or something — complete with live station drops from the Porto Alegre Hooters!

HisCheapMoves: “O Show Beto e Hamburger” … "Boy, it sure is crowded in those favelas!"

kittydeathstar: I wonder if he found love a la Brendan Frasier?

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