Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson

The King of Nothing Hill


Nick Cave’s Soul Brother from Another Planet No. 1 is back with his tenth effort. The long-awaited follow-up to his “Greatest Hits,” The Murky World of…, The King of Nothing Hill has Adamson at his left-of-left-of-center best. Full of muddy abstractions, death-knell guitar distortions, and his omnipresent love of melanin, this album is a heady good time straight out of a David Lynch film (his music having appeared in Lost Highway). For a slight change of pace, Adamson gives a respectful nod to the funk. “Cinematic Soul” turns Sly’s “Sing a Simple Song” on a schizoid head, and “Black Amour” is a lunatic’s blended ode to Barry White and Marvin Gaye simultaneously. And songs like “The Second Stain” and “Le Matin des Noire” are necro-jazz microscopes piercing the thickest layers of melancholic despair. Ever dark and menacing, the music here screams of isolation and the scrambled-egg scraping of existence on the edge. The perfect madness for the “sanity” that engulfs us daily.

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