Blu Mar Ten

Blu Mar Ten

Producer 03

Good Looking

This third installment of Bukem’s Producer series focuses on the duo Blu Mar Ten, who, if I’m not mistaken, have left Good Looking and the atmospheric behind. A double-fold shame since, as this disc proves, their work with GLO was something special. This is by far the best I’ve heard of the series (I have yet to check out Bukem’s). Their songs are more infectious than Typhoid Mary. The disc begins with the strawberries-and-creamy jazz soundscapes of “Adrift on Deep Water.” “Future Proof” is a powerhouse display of Fourth of July percussion with hazy Tom Scott-y saxophone snatches while “Cumulus” is a syrupy-dizzy swirl with spectral voices bewitching the beat. The most fun, though, has to be their trippy funk, “Special Thermometer” and “Ir-On-Ing,” which is simply priceless. Wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, you have to look out for Blu Mar Ten because whenever you hear that name, you should expect a good time.

Good Looking:

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