Bottles And Skulls

Bottles And Skulls

Amped the Fuck Up


I have but three words to describe Amped the Fuck Up: Hor ib ull. Let me draw a comparison: Bottles and Skulls title their album Amped the Fuck Up, supposedly referring to the loudness and aggressive nature of their music. This is very similar to a CD I saw the other day in the dollar bin at my local record store. The title was Too Hard For Radio, and the band was a bunch of burned out, thirty-somethings with long hair. I had to hear it, immediately, and to my surprise, the music was not only not hard, but it was completely embarrassing, in that I was embarrassed for the guys in the band, who have lost all concept of reality. Enter Bottles And Skulls…

What we have here is a collection of rock & roll tunes, a la Nashville Pussy, played really fast with a grizzle-voiced lead singer who wants to sound like the lead singer of Motorhead. If anything on this record is “amped the fuck up,” it can only be band members skewed concept of what rocks, because this doesn’t.

Now if I had to choose between this or, say, Saves The Day, I wouldn’t hesitate to be all over Bottles and Skulls. But if I were a customer considering a record to buy, with more selection being available, I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole. If you like your rock brutal and powerful, try Motorhead or Nashville Pussy, and steer very clear of this one.

Bottles & Skulls:

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