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With Bryan Hollon (a.k.a. Boom Bip), you get the exhilarating sensation of standing at the edge of hip-hop’s precipice, awaiting the perfect moment to dive off into the unknown. Boom Bip has quietly been making a name for himself the past couple years with a few single releases for Mush. Now, Hollon has arrived with his debut for the Warp imprint, Lex, to put his name in the envelope ready to be pushed into the future of music. With a hefty hip-hop backbone, Seed To Sun extends, ignores, and obliterates your pre-conceived notions of the music – always taking you a step further than you were previously willing to go. Hollon presents a dreamy melancholy full of peculiar, fuzzy colors, and trippy tones.

“Third Stream” is a disjointed nightmare throb – like Muggs on barbiturates. Many times he delivers an acid-washed, psychedelic haze (like “U R Here”), which is reminiscent of Nobody’s heavy-smog beats. Along with spoken wordsmith, Buck 65, he hands us the cool, minimalist bounce, “The Unthinkable,” and it will be a cold day in hell before you forget the deep, marrow-rich funk of “Awaiting An Accident.”

Always murky and deep, Seed to Sun is full of carbon monoxide dusk, but its sulfur and hyacinth vision opens the translucent vistas of hip-hop’s future wide open. It is a journey that weighs heavily on the mind and lungs, and is well-worth taking.

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