Clint Conley from the great (and recently reformed) Mission Of Burma has brought along friends from Come, Bedhead, Codeine, and Fuzzy to form Consonant, a hugely welcome surprise from Boston’s rich and varied music scene. Consonant offer careful but frantic post-punk, not unlike the legendary MoB, but with added traces of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth thrown in. Conley’s friend Holly Anderson contributes several of the lyrics — originally conceived as written poetry — and these are lovely and intense lines, unexpectedly effective in this setting. Conley’s melodies move with the words, in the same unpredictable and carefree manner as Anderson’s lyrics, making sure that the music always moves on, never loses momentum. The songs take unsuspected detours without ever really loosing track of where they’re headed, as the album burns through its series of furious but always constrained tracks, sweeping and shifting and always exploring. If hard to initially grasp and to get your head around, this is an album that will only grow with time and effort.

Fenway Recordings:

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