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This third installment of Pioneer’s Bedrock series shines a much-deserved light on another Orlando product: Chris Fortier. I don’t know what’s in the Magic Kingdom’s water, but it’s definitely producing intoxicating results. Kimball Collins, Q-Burns, Beef Wellington, Swamburger, BMF, and now Fortier is an incredible roster for that backwater town. While Fortier, perhaps, is not as well known as some of the aforementioned, he definitely deserves to be mentioned in the same breath.

What Fortier does in his version of Bedrock is give us a dreamy, progressive house sweatshop of a session that he considers “a perfect night.” This two-disc mix gives us house at its creamiest. A subtle dance throb that refuses to overpower us yet remains powerful in its allure. The mix is seductive and smooth with a tint of subtle spiritual exaltation. Fortier glides across each cut with the style and grace of an Astaire/Rogers routine. The music washes over your brain, moves every part of your body, and has your eyes roll back in your ecstatic head. You’re taken away into a blissful oblivion awash in deep, vibrant colors, and all you notice, when it’s all over, is the skill Fortier possesses in transporting you into the transcendent.

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