Taming of the Demons

Southern Lord

Earthride is the new outfit for Spirit Caravan’s Dave Sherman, and here they offer fried chicken biker doom, poised somewhere between Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd, all gravel-voiced Lemmy rock and a stoner-styled sludge. It’s mildly disturbing that people still make music like this, but that said, Earthride are great at this, and Taming of the Demons somehow manages to bring a bit of life and real doom back into a suffering genre. Wicked and slow hard rock that crushes everything in its way, this is an album that moves with a snail’s pace and makes no excuses for it. If you’re into dirty, raw rock that’s never heard of Spinal Tap, then you can do worse than give this a spin. A mean, chubby biker machine.

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