Fashion TV

Fashion TV

Spring Summer 2002 Collection

FTV / Wagram

Wagram, with all its international Lounge series, is becoming hipper than a watch fob and zoot suit at a Charlie Parker gig. With their teaming up with the world’s only TV network dedicated completely to fashion (move over C-SPAN — this is something the world needs), you know the end result has to be more pretentious than a Nobel laureate asking a tiara-wearer, “What do you plan to do with your Miss America title?”

But I guess even the most indifferent among us each contain an ounce of envy when it comes to the “beautiful people.” And this slick collection reeks of international runways, smoky nightclubs, and too-cool-for-you attitude. There’s the brilliant Tasmanian hi-hat remix of Kaori’s “Good Life”; Benjamin Diamond’s soulfully ethereal “Little Scare”; Waldeck’s Chet-Bakered deep house cut, “This Isn’t Maybe”; and the surprisingly exquisite bossa nova version of Chicago’s schlocky “If You Leave Me Now” by Ive Mendes. There are more seductive cuts by Herbert, Zero 7, St. Germaine, and Charles Schillings & Pompon F. So, grab your heroin-chic girlfriend, imported Cuban cigars, and look down upon the prols who aren’t good enough to be on this guest list. Andy Warhol and La Dolce Vita!

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