Third album from Glasseater, and ten more hardcore outings with a pop approach. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way, this is sing-along aggression, loads of stomping and grinning at the same time, and it’s pretty good, actually. Drummer Julio Marin has taken over on vocals, and does a fine job of it — except on the growling bits which pop up sporadically, these don’t work at all. Imagine the energy of Strung Out and the melodic touch of New Found Glory, and you’ll have Glasseater. A bit too nice at times, offering little in the way of resistance or any particularly unique touch, Glasseater still tackle their material in a sincere and dedicated manner and offer some fine, up-and-about songs that should appeal to the more melodically oriented hardcore kids and skaters out there.

Fearless Records:

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