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The prodigal sons return to the hip-hop music that gave them their name in the first place, and Ming & FS come so hard it makes me wonder why they even mess with other genres at all (yeah, yeah, artists have to express and expand their vision, yadda yadda).

The dynamic duo display an amazing knack of combining that ’80s feel-good anthemic dance mood with the multi-culti flavors of today and beyond. The mixture is a neo-B-Boy good time with ear-popping, neck-snapping, hard-ass beats. Subway Series kicks off with the frantic bounce of “Steady Shot,” with the phenomenal toasting of Dr. Israel (come back, Doctor, come back!). Karsh Kale and Nafis jump in “The El” and take you on a nice, Massive ride. “The Answer,” with Churchill, has you envisioning the Furious Five with Re-Run popping-and-locking on stage while the late ’80s-ish “Nevada” will have you doing the Cabbage Patch, the Troop, and the Snake. “Jingle Hell” with BlesteNation is a “Top Billin’” blessing, and Baba contributes “Retrace,” a didged-out beat box gem.

Totally New York and utterly banging, Subway Series puts Ming & FS in the front car of hip-hop’s calamitous train.

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