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Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls


Umm… OK, Slipknot side bands are turning up all over the place these days. Murderdolls is Slipknot drummer Joey’s side project, also (like Stone Sour) a band that existed before Slipknot. One of the guys from Static-X is also in this band, as well, so you can get an idea of what this sounds like… well, not really.

Surprisingly enough, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls actually sounds like a metal version of Alice Cooper, crossed with some elements of Rob (or White, for that matter) Zombie. You know, I think there’s definitely some comparisons to pre-1995 reformation Misfits that need to be addressed, as well. The songs are rockin’, the vocals sound like Alice Cooper crossed with Rob Zombie. The song structure is very much Misfits-esque (basically, very anthemic style of music they created on songs like “Skulls”). Strangely enough, the attitude of the album is very later-era Skid Row. I’m not joking!

At first, I hated this record because it seemed so corny, but I actually kind of like it now. There’s kind of a guilty pleasure thing going on with Valley…. I know that I probably shouldn’t like it, but I just can’t fight it! The attitude is very in my face and I love it! Hooray for schtick!


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