Beneath the Folds of Flesh


Incision does really good controlled rage, blood-orgasm-gore music that references all of the classic death metal erogenous zones — Carcass, Immolation and Obituary — while keeping up pace with the young sick guns like Rotten Sound and Disgorge. Beneath the Folds of Flesh is not of the Mortician “thrash you into the fucking ground in one minute” school, but instead the more controlled burn of Entombed, except with bad impulse control. No song is over four minutes, which is the perfect length for this sort of thing — you’ve gotta hurry up and stash the body parts before the cops arrive.

The guitars are so Azagthoth, but all grunged out and downtuned doom style. And the soloing is the sound of glass shattering, man oh man — what once was beautiful is now disfigured and evil. The bass is almost funky at times, but like brutal violation funk. And it’s not all fuzzed out either! It does wonders for the songs. Drums are a mess of compressed speed. Vocals are that deep growl like Bill Steer, with some moments of out of control rabid bloodlust and frenzy, that give certain lyrics that special fear accent, shall we say. Like when the word “tranquilized” is spat out in a feral whisper in “Trapped Within.”

Things really heat up here with “Temple Of Flesh,” an old-style barnburner with brutal double bass, a rolling riff that finally culminates in a guitar solo of cascading shards; the whole thing come together at the end with a beautiful staircase riff (like Morbid Angel circa “Maze Of Torment”) that sends the listener into a pure frenzy. “Rewind Into Chaos” is unrelenting speed and power, every instrument pounding away in a brutal blastbeat lockstep. It even sounds like they lose control of the whole thing a couple of times there. “My Fever” just keeps pounding in your head like an unrelenting 101 degrees, hammer-smashed forehead, the riff is like precision punches to the eye sockets. Damn! I especially love how it goes slow section, fast section, slow section, urrrrrrrgh, fast section, slow section, urrrrrgh. Yes! It even ends with a classic mosh section.

Beneath the Folds of Flesh is decent American gore/death that you shouldn’t be at all ashamed of supporting. Get out there!

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