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Bus Stop

Lane Steinberg recorded these five tracks in between projects while serving as a manager for Water Music Studios. With unlimited studio time, Steinberg was given the gift most musicians dream of. He certainly used it to his advantage, creating a half-dozen pop gems meticulously honed and polished till they reveal a Brian Wilson sheen. The opening track, “Great Blue,” sounds like a long lost Chris Bell out-take. Gently strummed guitars with a slight country rock melody, a la Gram Parsons, there is a poignancy and sublime feel to this track. The second track evokes Joe Jackson, or perhaps early eighties pop (in the best way), a curious up beat number entitled, “If Not Now, When?” Steinberg stretches his voice a bit entering the realm of a near falsetto. Accompanied with a keyboard solo that sounds like a brass section (too bad he couldn’t get the real thing). “Come Back to Me,” evokes no one so much as The Magnetic Fields. Steinberg’s voice and lyrics most closely resemble Stephen Merritt’s on this one. A sad paen to a lost love, offering up everything to recall the beloved, it is no wonder that this track was one of the few to see the light of day several years ago on a 45. For fans of immaculately crafted pop music, Wall Of Orchids supplies the goods. Lane Steinberg crafts music that blends the hooks and melodies of late sixties and early eighties pop music in a package that simply captivating. An enticing recording, too bad that it is limited to these five tracks.

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