Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings

Deep Elm

Finding an album like Logh’s Every Time a Bell Rings… is a bittersweet experience for me — I am painfully aware that music this incredible doesn’t come along very often. Logh are, I’d imagine, what Thom Yorke has always wanted to sound like. Across the eleven songs presented here, they weave gorgeous ambient production with modest melodies and tight, nimble musicality that aches with emotion. Lyrically, songwriter Mattias Friberg possesses a fierce poetry — “through the ashes and the dust left by our plans, of all things we’ve shared/we plod our way,” he says on the album’s opener.

There’s little more I can say to do an album like this justice. I’m left so full of emptiness after breathing in Logh that I have to remind myself that I exist. It really is that good. It’s the most accomplished debut I’ve heard since Counting Crows’ August and Everything After. It’s emo all grown up. Expect to be blown away.

Logh: http://www.badtasterecords.se/logh

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