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This Machine Kills / JR Ewing

This Machine Kills / JR Ewing

Dim Mak

Here’s a great split from two stunning, new and upcoming hardcore bands. Both bands have released a series of singles and tracks as well as one album each, and have toured all over the world like mad over the last few years. And if this release marks a slight detour from both bands’ respective regular hardcore ways, they tackle this material in their usual idiosyncratic, tense and exciting ways.

This Machine Kills offer uncompromising, un-sing-along punk core on their two tracks, with great lyrics on male domination and social injustice, and include excellent guest performances from Sound Virus’ Mike(y) Ott, Derek Fudesco from Pretty Girls Make Graves and Alisha Westerman. JR Ewing have been on the rise lately, and their two tracks on here go a long way to explain why. This is demanding and exciting hardcore, with effective breakdowns and pure punk energy. Brutal and frantic, their contributions here are ultimately insanely exciting and invigorating stuff. A stunning split, nine minutes of hardcore brilliance. This is definitely worth looking up, along with both bands’ other releases.

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