Mary Prankster

Mary Prankster

Tell Your Friends

Palace Coup

Tell Your Friends. Mary Prankster is back! She’s got a new album that should not only satisfy the desires of her ever growing army of fans, but garner her new fans as well. Tell Your Friends is her first album since the sublime Roulette Girl. At first blush, Mary Prankster seems to have mellowed, as much of the bawdiness of her first two albums is strikingly absent for her third. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, as she has merely changed up her tactics and has supplanted the frontal assault with precision Special Forces attacks. Her lyrics — while always smart, cutting, and full of delicious word play — are now even more cutting, with a brutal yet sophisticated sense of humor and a healthy dose of bitterness. Mary Prankster takes her scalpel to spineless boyfriends, gossip, loneliness and other aspects of the quest for love. The songs on the album seamlessly maneuver from funny to sad to empowering all with Mary Prankster’s trademark wit and charm. Tell Your Friends is at the least a fine follow up to her previous records, and when it all shakes out, may be her best album to date. Which leaves us with a deep longing for Mary Prankster number four.

Mary Prankster:

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