The Theory of Harmonial Value


While Moneen has the reputation of being one of the most intense live bands around these days, regularly trashing everything that gets in their way, on album their destruction and deconstruction take a slightly different shape. Here, on their debut full-length release, Moneen add considered layers of subtle noise to their full-on furious live attack. The resulting album is a stunning display of crafted and ingenious emocore, bringing new life to an already overcrowded musical genre. Somewhat combining the sounds of Elliot and Fugazi, Moneen deliver their outreaching and open-ended songs in an intense, aggressively fueled manner.

Exploring the dullness of everyday routine in an effort to move beyond and beneath it, to discover something of true value in the midst of tired despair, Moneen seem to play their energetic, glorious music both despite of and in spite of cruel reality and regular working hours. With an overabundance of intense hooks and lovely melodies, this is an album’s worth of songs that refuse to accept boredom and instead set about doing something about it.

Close to an hour of this kind of soaring and searching intensity may be a bit much, but to ask perfection this early on is just plain greedy. Moneen prove themselves to be one of the most interesting and impressive bands on the current emo scene, and this is only the beginning of it. Stay tuned.

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