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Black Dress in a B Movie


Well, this is pretty stale stuff. Keepsake play a brand of emo/indie pop that we’ve all heard before, this variation being very much like Superchunk’s early ’90s output. Ever since The Get Up Kids hit it big with “Four Minute Mile,” bands have been all over this formula; case in point: Keepsake.

The cover of this one features a nude model from the ’60s, which is maybe supposed to hint that we’re getting into something dangerous or forbidden; trust me, we’re not. When I was listening to this, I had images of the band of eight-foot tall mice and other animals at Chuck E. Cheese, the ones controlled by robotic motors which make them appear to be playing the music. I think Keepsake might be being controlled by execs from Chuck E. Cheese, as well.

This isn’t a bad record, so don’t get me wrong. The recording quality is fantastic and the instrumentation is top notch. It’s just that I’m incredibly tired of hearing these types of safe emo bands. It makes me want to bark when I think of how overplayed this style of music is. Yuck.

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