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Beautiful Trash


Wow! What a beautiful cornucopia of styles here! I hear elements of KISS, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, and Guns N’ Roses – all fantastic bands, I might add! To make things even more exciting, there’s a huge semi-truck on the cover of this thing, staring the listener right in the face, with full defiance! Sweet!

Immediate comparisons to Nashville Pussy are obvious and necessary; I’m not sure if Sixer is trying to copy the great N.P., but I just don’t care, because this album makes me want to put on a mesh “CAT” hat, cut the sleeves off of my T-shirt, grow a Fu Manchu and mullet combo, and start kickin’ ass! W00000000!

OK, the lead singer sounds eerily like Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker/ Jets To Brazil fame (his vocal style from early Jawbreaker stuff: gruff, bleeding throat). The guitars and song structure are also very Jawbreaker, but later era, like Dear You times. The Guns N’ Roses connection comes from the drums and bass guitar, both of which sound like it could actually be Duff and Steven rockin’ out! The delivery of the songs offers up the similarities to Hot Water Music, mainly their later era stuff… the delivery and attitude are extremely similar! The KISS connection comes from the huge, balls out masculinity of the songs here. Simply incredible, that is, the ridiculous level of testosterone here!

Simply put, Beautiful Trash kicks ass from start to finish. If you like rock & roll with attitude and a very triumphant feel, this is for you! Emo dorks and metalheads will probably scoff at this one, but people secure enough with themselves to enjoy music outside of their favorite genre will rock with a huge “rock” fist raised in glory.

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