Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin

Coup de Grace

The Music Cartel

A great, churning album from British hard rocking cult faves Orange Goblin. Having traded in their brand of stoner rock for an ever more direct classic metal approach, there are now only the odd detour into spacey parts left to remind the listener of that once so integral part of their sound.

Genuinely exciting and up front, Orange Goblin is heavily influenced by both Black Sabbath and Motörhead as well as the NWOBHM bands, traces of both Angel Witch and early Iron Maiden can be found — and there’s still a healthy dose of Kyuss in here somewhere. Heavy, angular riffs blend with superb songs to create something as rare and welcome as vital and vibrant classic metal, with a sense of purpose and a sharp, contemporary edge.

From the terrific “Monkey Panic” to the raging “Red Web,” and ending with the call-to-arms “Stinkin’ O’ Gin,” this is a hard-hitting, uncompromising collection of songs that floods over with energy and pure, unadulterated sonic bliss. A new brilliant album from this influential, ever-evolving band.

The Music Cartel:

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