Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler

Lights Out

Global Underground

If you need a little house to light up your apartment, this Lawler mix should do you fine. Lights Out is designed to explore the darker, more erotic side of clubbing. Well, it doesn’t do all that, but there’s some pretty good music here. The first disc features some nice cuts by Ultra Fine, Frank O Moiraghi & Mr. Mike, the brilliant Scumfrog, Lawler himself, and Angelo Kortez. It’s a good, deep time. Stretching into the second disc starts the marathon, which is hard to keep up with. Double mix CDs are usually a bit much and are hard to pull off. This ain’t a club, and most DJs are only but so interesting — and two hours and forty minutes is a long time to maintain someone=EDs interest. Lawler pretty much loses me with the more techy second CD. There’s still some good music here (like the cuts by Daniel Mode, Dirty Waltzer, and Hardon); it’s just that the effect wanes after awhile. But, if you have the energy, drink your Gatorade, and replenish your electrolytes, Lights Out can be a fine time for you homebody clubbers.

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