Twittering Machine

Twittering Machine

Bright Orange Moment

Twittering Machine will make your heart ache and your feet move. Combing Beth Moon’s silky smooth vocals and achingly beautiful voice over tender rhythms that are as graceful as they are infectious, this release will have you moving in no time. At times hauntingly evocative, nearly cinematic in the sweep of the music, the cello, violin and strings seem to create mini epics in the listeners mind as the songs unfold. Undoubtedly this is due in no small part to the musicians own prowess and skill. Gifted at the art of understatement and restraint, all the members of the band realize that often, playing less is saying more. Evan Levy’s guitar playing clearly demonstrates restraint and works to support the rest of the group, a rarity in these times of crashing power chords. While the rhythm section of Ed Whalen on bass and Satchel Mallon on drums afford a languid setting that remains tight and expressive throughout.

Graceful and dreamlike, the songs unravel with their own dynamic and structure. Never clever simply to be clever, the songs are smart and display an artist’s craft in their skill and execution. Sometimes surprising in their change of pace or shift in tempo, nothing in the arrangement is simply thrown in. Bright Orange Moment, is a gift that is deserving of a wider audience to appreciate its beauty and magic.

Twittering Machine:

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