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Left And Leaving

Sub City

John Samson – you remember him from Propaghandi, don’t ya? – has formed a new band, and turned down the volume a notch, which is all to the good. Left And Leaving encompasses a range of styles from the subdued pop of the opener, “Everything Must Go!,” to the acoustic, country-washed “My Favorite Chords.” The rest of the CD falls somewhat in the Jets To Brazil/”what the kids are listening to nowdays” mode, crunchy but not to the point of overwhelming the words. Which is good, because lyrically, the record is an intelligent, paradoxical work that attempts and largely succeeds in communicating to the listener a sense of emotional activism, without being preachy. OK, maybe it’s preachy at points, but that’s OK – what’s the use of a brain if you don’t use it?

Sub City:

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