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Opium Jukebox

Never Mind the Bhangra (Here’s the Opium Jukebox)


“How’s that working out for you – being clever?” As you may guess from the name, these are “bhangra” renditions of Sex Pistols classics. It’s amusing, in a pass-the-bong sort of way. While these songs make interesting background music (and great torture for parties, as guests cock their heads doglike to identify the melody), they’re about as genuine as Knorr powdered curry. Drenched in sitars, Indian percussion and with the Pistol’s drool-simple melodies stretched out into lethargic drones, Never Mind the Bhangra is predictable and ultimately a novelty. Apparently, this is the brainchild of Ink 19’s favorite deadbeat, Martin Atkins, for those who simply must fill more shelf space…

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