Take the System Down


Academic art-punk from Vortis, here, a hugely entertaining anti-capitalist and anti-technology four-piece dedicated to, well, taking the system down. Part thought provoking, part hilarious, and mainly plain weird, Vortis underline their anarchistic lyrical leanings by performing music that exists in some rarely visited country-dub-rap-punk-rock-indie zone. Madness. And, incidentally, pretty good stuff too.

While they supposedly have a thing for writing songs on the spot, it’s really only on the ridiculously out-of-tune “Generation Y” that they come up with something that’s just too punk for its own good. Elsewhere, they tend to come across like a political study group consisting of Sex Pistols, Talking Heads and Rednex, and tracks like “We Hate Our Condition,” “Black Helicopters,” and “Afrika” all prove that that’s a surprisingly likeable concept.

Thick Records: http://www.thickrecords.com

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