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The Cost



Damn, this is a great album! Criminals-like hardcore bleeding over into emo, unafraid of going whichever way the music’s taking them. Imagine a more adventurous Juno and a punkier At the Drive-In, and you’re just about there. The Cost’s second full-length album is melodically intriguing enough to validate comparisons with an imagined hardcore-infused early-day Pixies, while there’s a physically charging side to it that turns this into a series of wildly aggressive and furious statements. Tracks like “No One’s Looking” and “Hated Man” is brilliant and hard-hitting, while “Left in Its Wake” is inventive and focused. The band delivers some splendid, totally convincing and energetic performances, and is tight and brutal – check out the great “Spit Out the Shore” for evidence of just that. A beautiful and great hardcore album, this, and at just over 30 minutes, it does anything but outstay its welcome.

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