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Music Through Me


Mixes don’t come much trancier than this. What we have here is twelve faceless trance cuts, high-powered and derivative throughout. Micro can mix, although there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking or distinctive about his style. The nuances in intensity and mood aren’t enough to give the set sculpted structure, and instead it seems to jump frantically from anthem to anthem. The latter half of the mix takes things down a notch, and is far more structurally satisfying than the opening.

For what it is – a peak-hour set of banging, uninspired trance – Music Through Me succeeds in delivering energy, directness and fluid mixing. If names like Riva, Joshua Ryan, and Lange are ideal trance in your eyes, this collection will serve you well. Personally, though, I can’t help but be saddened by what this album seems to suggest – that trance has well and truly been diluted to its basest form, its noble origins all but forgotten in a wash of synth presets and stolen ideas.

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