Annie Burns

Annie Burns

Days In Italy

Art For Art’s Sake

Annie Burns plays emotional adult contemporary music, in the vein of Sarah McLachlan. Burns’ voice is very fluid and pleasant, kind of like an old friend welcoming you with a cozy little hug.

I tend to prefer the darker stuff on Days In Italy, including “Surrender,” which features Annie’s lovely voice atop an almost middle eastern tribal drum beat and acoustic guitar. It’s very strong, in terms of it’s ability to take the listener into another world, the world where the music is being made. There’s a really cool, subdued guitar solo in the middle of the song that leads into some weird chants and stuff. Awesome!

“Someone Tonight” sounds like the song of a broken heart, for it wanders quietly around until a soft chorus arrives; Annie’s voice is longing the entire time, creating a fantastic and believable effect, in that it really sounds as if she’s deathly alone! Wow!

Now, I am a sucker for good adult contemporary, so beware that my judgement might be skewed by the fact that this is also a bit on the dark side of adult contemporary. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I highly recommend this to fans of the lonelier side of life. Annie Burns’ voice is nearly magical!

I did a little research on Burns, and I found that, in addition to being a solo artist, she is also a member of a band with her sisters, going by the name Burns Sisters. Their music, like Annie’s solo stuff, is adult contemporary, and is also quite enjoyable.

Annie Burns:

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