Blow Up Hollywood

Blow Up Hollywood

Blow Up Hollywood

Blow Up Hollywood is a long, drawn out album of music that is supposed to sound dark, lonely, and longing. It comes off, though, sounding contrived, corny, and overdone.

The album’s artwork is very dark (only colors are black and grey) and ambiguous, with little text to be found anywhere. I guess the artwork matches the mood of the music relatively well, but the information inside the liner notes matches the lyrical content and depth of these songs, too: utterly blank, pointless, and meaningless.

I did do a little browsing and I was able to figure out that this is supposed to be the soundtrack for some movie that will eventually be released.

The vocalist on the album sounds a little bit like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, so some goth types might enjoy this. It’s hard to tell though, because much of Blow Up Hollywood sounds like a couple of guys who bought a copy of “Making Gothic Mood Music For Dummies,” and went to work. Their hearts aren’t in it, or something. I just didn’t buy what these guys were trying to do… not for even a second.

Blow Up Hollywood:

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