Temporary Forever

Temporary Whatever

Hardcore underground rapper Busdriver has delivered an album of frantic and hilarious observations on everything from burgers to the evil of politics. With the help of D-Styles’ incessant scratching and screeching turntablism, Budsdriver takes a free-form jazzy approach that refers as much to Mr. Bungle as to the playful and genre-crossing theatricality of Outkast. Temporary Forever blends west-coast underground rap stylings with Zappa’s sardonic cleverness and is a confidently strutting collection of rants and raps, arrogant and brawling, self-assured and uncompromising. Almost cabaret-like in tone, Busdriver moves from the Arab-tinted dancehall of “Idle Chatter” to the mph show-off rap of “Imaginary Places,” and from the political harshness of “Somethingness” to the swampy delta mud of “Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues.” Intense and exhausting, this may be too much to take in one sitting, but there’s no denying that Busdriver has made a great and abrasive album that is as challenging as it is entertaining.

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