Edition Terranova

Edition Terranova

Hitchhiking Nonstop With No Particular Destination


German trio, Edition Terranova (Shapemod, Meister, and Mastermind Fetisch) bang your head with a merciless brutality that is almost criminal. Hitchhiking Nonstop is a dancefloor assault-and-battery that’ll leave you battered, bruised, and breathless. They have a hyperbolic grit that shatters walls and bleeds gums.

The disc starts with “Concepts,” a pseudo-industrial, schizophrenic’s nightmare of a breakbeat. Like Texas, these guys do nothing small, and everything is a bit twisted — an exhausting Edgar Allen Poe dive into madness. For example, “Breath” is a weighty club groove twisted and mangled with electro voices and quirky effects. “Women Beat Their Men” is a multi-layered beat frenzy with “Planet Rock” overtones. The Slits’ Ariane joins the fellas for the bizarre dancehall, “Mongril,” that sounds like the mad ramblings of Grace Jones in the asylum. Stereo MCs’ Cath Coffey lends her voice to the mind-numbing Prince “Bob George”-cover of Bob Marley’s “Running Away,” a true gem! And avant-garde poet extraordinaire, Mike Ladd, is on board for two bits of insanity.

A perfect, Bizarro World combination of hip-hop, punk, and D-Town techno, Hitchhiking will leave you gasping in wonder and grasping for some sort of understanding of what the hell’s going on in these guys’ heads. A beautiful glimpse of madness with grandiose beats to make you dance.

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