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Ah, another great album from the legendary G.B.H. The gruesome foursome helped define the original British hardcore punk scene on classic albums like 1982’s City Baby Attacked By Rats and the following City Baby’s Revenge. As so many times before, you’ll have to look past a truly ugly cover — this time prominently featuring a green troll — but once you manage that, you’ll get 17 songs of classic hardcore poised somewhere between UK Subs, The Exploited, and Rancid. With lyrics displaying as much confusion as anger, G.B.H. continue to tackle their favorite topics of society’s injustice, greed, selfishness and hatred for individual expression, sounding as genuinely earnest and defiantly proud as ever before. The music, as you will know, is feel-good, driven old-school hardcore with sing-along choruses and an uncompromising call-to-arms attitude. If in doubt, try the title track, the great “The Unexpected” and the aggressive street punk of “Zeal of a Convert.” A return to form from one of the true legends of British punk.

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