Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes

The Weekend EP


Hey Mercedes rose from the ashes of emo hipsters Braid, after that band’s guitarist Chris Broach left and the group disbanded. Savoring the emo sound but emphasizing the genre’s inherent melodic fundament, Hey Mercedes released one EP and a full-length that saw them moving in the direction of Elliot and Weezer, while still retaining their Husker Du leanings, and this new release sees them refining and perfecting their sound.

The angular sing-alongs of “Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday” and “Everybody’s Working For the Weak” are brilliant showcases for the band’s underground grandiosity and subtle pomposity. And if “Save A Life” is a bit on the dull side, and you don’t have to hold your breath for the compulsory bonus track either, you get “Wearing A Wire” to ensure that the good tracks outweigh the less interesting ones. A new impressive release from Hey Mercedes, then, that should put the inevitable Braid reunion on hold for another few years.

Vagrant Records: http://www.vagrant.com

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