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Madrid de los Austrias


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It is truly astonishing how worlds continue to collide in the electronic world. The global village in action, every imaginable cultural collage can be pasted together to, oftentimes, amazing results. The Austrian duo of DJ/label head Heinz Tronigger and multi-instrumentalist Pogo, under the guise of Madrid de los Austrias, perfectly exemplify this multi-culti phenomenon. MDLA mixes Havana, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Madrid into an intoxicating concoction – all with Viennese precision.

“Ole,” the CD’s opener, is a hand-clapping, yet mellow, fusion funk that has more soul than a shoe factory. “Bellaria” is a vibrant Andalusian/Arabic clap-along. Heinz and Pogo give us that George Benson/Nuyorican Soul vibe on “Brazileiros.” “Dove Estuta” combines Latin percussive polyrhythms with that beautiful dub throb, splashes of flamenco guitar, and a wonderfully crisp breakbeat. Amor is truly an international calabash full of disparate sounds that are blended into a libidinous, groove-laden bounty – often made all the sweeter by the longingly seductive vocals of Rebecca Jimenez (whose siren larynx bewitches such wonderful tracks as “Los Canos de Meca” and “Cleo In Madrid”). A wonderfully intoxicating project, this album should not be missed.

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