Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler

A Basement, a Red Light & a Feelin’ Vol. 2

Madhouse / Champion

Koaz 6:23 is back with, you guessed it, a double CD compilation/mix. But, don’t worry, the man who gave us “Hallelujah,” “Stompin’ Grounds,” and “(You’re My) Inspiration” has not lost his touch. Garage has become jazzier in Chandler’s hands, adding a peculiar insular melancholy to your 4/4. The first disc has that sound carefully crafted by Kerri (all but two songs having been written/co-written by him) and features Roy Ayers (speaking of “Hallelujah”), Isis, Arnold Jarvis, Anthony Flanagan, and Chandler as Grampa.

The entire disc is wrapped in a deep, throbbing lushness that borders on the erotic with especial stand-outs being Isis’ “Hanging On,” Chandler and Ayers’ “Vibrations,” the percussive happy-go-lucky “Central Africa” by Panic, and the heavy-handed pathos of Christopher “Gate-Ah” McCray’s “Even Though.”

The second disc catches Chandler on the decks live at GBH @ Centro Fly this past February. It’s full of those seamless transitions we’ve come to expect from mix CDs with a few pleasant extras. The music is definitely more interesting than what he does with it — but that’s true in almost every case. It’s enjoyable and most certainly of the quality we’ve come to expect from the man. Neither disc ever comes close to disappointing.

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