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Devil Doll

The Lambs play heavy rock & roll that teeters on the fence between AC/DC style, full force rock and later era Metallica (Load, Reload, etc.). Most Metallica fans will swear by the band’s first few albums, and swear by them only, calling the “black album” and everything afterwards a “sell-out.” This may have merit, but there are some really heavy and fantastic rock songs that have been released by the post-“black album” Metallica, and the Lambs take a cue from James and co., producing a really aggressive record.

Random Radio is the kind of record that doesn’t mess around with artiness, sentiment, or posing; the album is 100% rock the entire way through. Every once in a while (see the track “Heart”) the band sounds a little bit like Foo Fighters, but that’s as indie or punk as the band gets. “Higher Ground” finds the band sounding exceptionally like Social Distortion (earlier years), and these similarities can be found in numerous places on Random Radio. Similarities to other bands aside, the mission on Random Radio is clear: destroy through huge guitars, harsh & raspy vocals, and powerfully recorded drums.

On a side note, the singer of the Lambs has a very unique voice, one part James Hetfield, one part the lead singer from Filter, and one part Andrew W.K. His voice works wonderfully with the songs on Random Radio, making undeniable the power of The Lamb’s pseudo-white trash rock. In two words, THIS ROCKS!

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