Little Wings

Little Wings

Little Green Leaves


Little Wings produce a sound that can best be described as an indie rock version of Dave Mathews Band. The lead singer of Little Wings sounds eerily like Dave Matthews, but the music on Little Green Leaves sounds more like an acoustic Trans Am or Belle & Sebastian. What results is a truly unique and bizarre mixture of musical styles.

All of the songs on Light Green Leaves have the same sombre, subdued feeling throughout, making the album a bit of a downer; on the other hand, this album would make a fantastic listen on a warm, lazy, sun drenched summer afternoon, so my opinion, as usual, has holes and rips in just about every area possible.

The song “Fall Flood” was one that I initially hated, brushing it off as nothing but stupid hippie mumbles and chants; upon further review, however, I found a much greater depth and feeling in the song that caused me to have a mild nervous breakdown! The song is so simple, with its “la, la, la, la” chorus, but it’s also undeniably beautiful and warm. It quickly went from my least favorite song to my favorite, after listens two and three.

The primary instrument on Light Green Leaves is the acoustic guitar and the voice of Dave Matthews’ non-evil clone. On occasion, a female sings, mixing things up nicely. The only problem is that she sings with the exact same phrasing as does the male lead singer, so things are only marginally different when she signs. Overall, this is a lovely little piece of folk stuff, that fans of the softer side of life will enjoy.

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