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Llorca, along with St. Germain, represents the vanguard of the new, intriguing sound coming out of France. It’s an incendiary music that deliciously blurs the line between jazz and house — not exactly either and yet inexplicably both. They put the swing back into the post-bop era while remaining true to the jazz tradition (in a bizarre, electronic way) while putting jazz back onto the dancefloor of your hippest clubs. Full of crisp, acoustic drums, innovative programming, punchy piano riffs, bongo percussion galore, and funk/house bass lines, it ignites a fire in your belly that can only be extinguished by dancing.

New Comer, his second American release, is a beautiful example of what jazz used to be, what house is, and what the dance music of the future will inevitably sound like. “Indigo Blues” commands you to swing on the silky vocals of Nicole Graham. You can’t resist the broken-beat soul of “I Cry,” which also has a beautiful neo-funk remix at the end of the disc. And “The End” grooves with a phat funk bass line with the ethereal muted Miles trumpet weeping overhead.

This is a trend-setting disc that will move you into a state of delirium. Full of the genre-melting butter that slides the feet onto the dance floor, it is hard not to think of New Comer in other than hysterical exclamations.

F Communications: http://www.fcom.fr • PIAS America: http://www.pias.com

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