East To West

SideOne Dummy

Although they hail from Los Angeles, Madcap sound uncannily British and have surely spent more than just a few hours in the good company of The Clash’s seminal first album. East To West is their second album, following last year’s Stand Your Ground, and it’s packed with the sound of ’77 and the regional UK punk of the following years, alongside early hardcore and the mighty Oi! Their distilled sound prove that this is a new release, but otherwise, Madcap are not afraid to wear their formative influences on their frayed leather sleeves.

The brilliant “These Old Feelings” starts off like Rancid but soon enough ends up in Pogues territory, “New Age” is pure London Calling-era Clash, and the glorious, flawed beauty of “Better Day” is the sound of Bad Religion mating with MU330. And that is just a few standout-moments on this brief but expansive album. Old-school hardcore punk that do whatever it damn well please to get its message across.

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