Out To Win

Out To Win

Persist And Destroy

Triple Crown

The cover of Persist And Destroy features a large army vehicle, similar to a tank. The back cover features a large military helicopter with guns and missiles strapped to it. The band photo in the liner notes is priceless. Most of the members are wearing black T-shirts, with tattoo-covered forearms showing, three of the five members are wearing baseball caps, all of them have broad, football player shoulders, all but one of the members has facial hair of some sort, and not one of them is smiling. After seeing the unhappy visages on the members of Out To Win, I knew, precisely what these guys would sound like… Hatebreed.

And Hatebreed this is. This is tough guy music, made just for the sake of being tough. Is this any good? Well, it depends. I tend to enjoy this music done properly, and these guys do it pretty well, so yeah, it’s not bad. Are these guys breaking down any barriers of genres? Not by a long shot, but who cares, because I’d be willing to bet that any of the guys in this band could thoroughly kick my ass, and isn’t that what hardcore’s all about in the first place?

There’s only six songs on this EP, so if it can be had for under $6.00, it’s probably worth your while. Don’t forget to scowl when purchasing it; it might get you an extra discount.

Triple Crown Records: http://www.triplecrownrecords.com

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