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Kicking around for the better part of a decade, migrating from an island off Rhode Island (how’s that for ironic?) to Austin, Peglegasus continues to put out introspective, heavily instrumented (though not always instrumental) music. Songs often arch grandly, twin guitars flying as the drum set jitters on. In this time of cut-and-paste songwriting, Peglegasus stands out for their craftsman-like approach to arrangement and chord movement. Their moods are often grand and majestic, in a way established by acts like Peter Murphy and The Church, on songs like “X-33” and the Jazz Butcher-like “Entourage.” But they can still let all the stops out, like on the brief instrumentals of “Let’s Just Say the Dog Did It” and “Any Old Thing,” or the jagged shards of “Sea Squad.”

These days, the divide between over-simplified “rock” and carefully orchestrated digital compositions seems to be widening, and acts like Peglegasus, who pay this kind of attention to detail with the added burden of having to learn play it on their instruments, are becoming increasingly rare. Track this down and give it a listen, if only to reaffirm your faith that humans can still play music that’s cerebral and emotional, and do it without the aid of the digital realm. And of course — play loud.


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