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The Ray Makers

Phantom Third Channel


Electrodub, pure and intoxicating. Though the album opens with the decent (and well-titled) “Phased And Confused,” it’s the second track that gets all the attention – “Moonflower.” Anchored by high-pitched lines that alternate between woozy half-steps and twinkling minuets, the track moves forward in a very French fashion, interlacing various musical elements on top of a solid beat-driven wash of chords. Tagged at the end are remixes from Tony Watson and The Baldwin Brothers, with Watson taking a chilling approach in stark opposition to The Baldwin Brothers’ chop-up. “What Would You Like to Play,” somewhat scratchy and mopey in its original form, also gets a remix, this one an energizing dust-up from Ursula 1000.

It could be said that The Ray Makers, with their predilection for more rounded analog sounds, are retro, but it’s hard to say for sure these days. Sure, parts of the album bounce along like they’re aching for a disco, but is that really so different from “modern” sounds? The Ray Makers are clever and catchy – though no new ground is being blazed here, Phantom Third Channel proves there’s plenty of good material in the vein.

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