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Backwards is the debut full-length album from Indiana’s The Post, featuring label man Ben Swanson of the regularly brilliant Secretly Canadian. Post-rock with a twist, this is moody and atmospheric, trading the genre’s inherent dynamics for monotonous drones and curious but effective vocal chants. The anguished vocal wailing, in fact, becomes a pretty defining element of the band, occupying a space somewhere between Ian Curtis and David Byrne, and even musically, The Post share more than the passing nod with Joy Division. And while the album does seem to lack some momentum or slight progression, that may in fact be the whole idea behind this, with songs like “Fear Of Numbers” and “Hum” gaining in intensity while barely moving along at all. Taking their cue from both new wave and post-punk, the band mimic no one, instead aiming for a unique and personal sound, carving out a niche of their own. An admirable effort from a brave and uncompromising band.

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