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Stella Luna



No one has bothered to tell Stella Luna that 1995 ended seven years ago. These guys are suspended, indefinitely, in the land of heavily distorted, swirling guitars, buried drum beats, and vocalists singing in a loud whisper, from some place far away from the recording studio. Stella Luna are .

The Stargazer EP is a wonderful foray into a time long past, of bands that stand completely still, while creating large walls of guitar fuzz, all the while looking very bored and disinterested. Stella Luna do it perfectly, and their songs actually sound good. This is EP is only four songs, but it clocks in at 27 minutes, so you get your money’s worth. As a side note, Weezer’s “green album” was only 29 minutes, and they charged full price for theirs!

I found Stargazer perfect for listening to while reading. The way the guitars buzz and plod in a friendly, predictable manner… there’s something very inviting about it. The vocalists’ voice is far enough away in the mix that it didn’t get annoying, so the listener, while reading, pretty much gets sucked into the monotony of the record; the monotony is positive, though. Good stuff.


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