The Retardos

The Retardos

The Retardos

Scooch Pooch

After a series of various-format releases, Norway’s Retardos finally secured an international record deal earlier this year when they hooked up with L.A.’s Scooch Pooch Records. Those familiar with fellow Nordic acts like The Hellacopters and Turbonegro will know what to expect on here. But that said, The Retardos are too in-your-face great to come across like mere rip-offs of their somewhat better-known counterparts, and with this one, they have delivered an album of adrenaline-charged, liquor-induced hard retro rock with the spark of punk thrown in for good measure.

Covers of G. G. Allin’s “Gimme Some Head” and Gang Green’s “Alcohol” surely do nothing to lessen the furious snarl of this set, and with the ever-present O. P. Andreassen producing — that is, El Doom of metallic stoners Thulsa Doom — The Retardos confidently churn out 25 minutes and 10 tracks of straight-ahead, kicking and screaming Scandinavian rawk.

The Retardos:

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