The Von Bondies

The Von Bondies

Lack Of Communication

Sweet Nothing

Originally released last year, this is The Von Bondies’ debut album re-released with a bonus track and an additional hidden track following their successful tour supporting The White Stripes. Jack White, in fact, produced this, so you know it’s going to sound really good. And while there’s nothing actually new or unique on here, The Von Bondies deliver the goods with such a fiery, passionate energy that it more than makes up for any complaint one might have to that effect. A genuine sense of suspense and tension run through the album and the band has a genuine understanding of the dynamics of the music. In essence, this is Detroit garage punk with an unadulterated energy too rarely witnessed in today’s retro rawk climate.

Far more playful and exploring than most of their contemporaries, The Von Bondies take in everything from MC5 to Dick Dale’s surf guitar, from Jon Spencer to John Lee Hooker, from trashy glam to frenzied punk-pop, and manage to blend it all into one utterly convincing and irresistible package. Uncompromising and unapologetic, The Von Bondies have their hearts in it and are sure to be left standing when the novelty of the garage revival starts to wear thin in a year’s time or so.

The Von Bondies:

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