Transmissionary Six

Transmissionary Six

Transmissionary Six

Film Guerrero

Transmissionary Six is Paul Austin of The Willard Grant Conspiracy on stringed instruments and various keys, and The Walkabouts’ Terri Moeller on vocals and percussion. Following their lovely release on the CD-R label Hinah, they have signed on to Film Guerrero for the follow-up, carrying on the hushed Americana of their debut but in a more considered and, ultimately, a more satisfying manner.

Lynchian atmospherics run through the album, but at the heart lies subdued and endearing, gentle folk melodies. The sweet “Rodeo Satellite” is somewhat reminiscent of Mazzy Star, while the naive strum of “My Paper Party Hat” has the feel of Ween meeting Red House Painters. Elsewhere, the pair moves effortlessly through Lennon-y psychedelia, angular slo-core, free-flowing folk and melancholic country, akin to Proper-Sheppard’s Sophia and label mates Norfolk & Western. A multifaceted and intensely personal release from Austin and Moeller, and one worth spending some of your precious time alone with. A quiet victory.

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